Pointman Tactical, LLC was founded in 2013. Our mission was to create a field tested search mirror that could be used during building clearing and tactical operations.

The “Safelook Hook” was designed and field tested by tactical team members of a large Midwest Police Department. This tool has proven to be useful during barricade operations and search warrant execution. It gives a team the opportunity to see what they are getting ready to enter into which could prevent an ambush. The “Hook” on the tool could be used for opening or closing doors from a safe position of cover and then using the mirror to view the room before entering. The use of a mirror and a shield go hand in hand. It changes the tactics from a dynamic speed to a slower and methodical search speed. The primary advantage is the safety to the officers.  The “Safelook Hook” is great for clearing attics,  crawl spaces, and basements.  The “Safelook Hook” is a great tool for anybody who conducts building searches or rescue.


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safelookThe “Safelook Hook” is a tactical search mirror. It was designed and field tested by tactical officers. It has a 3 section pole that extends to 66″ and compacts down to 28″ for easy carrying. The “Safelook Hook” comes with a 190 Lumen Tactical flashlight and a 5″ convex adjustable mirror to see virtually anywhere. The “Safelook Hook” has a tactical hook that can be used to open or close doors while clearing from a safe distance of cover. The “Safelook Hook” is easy to use and a must for tactical teams or any law enforcement or security personnel that are tasked with searching buildings.


“SafeLook Hook” Molle Holster


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