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Pointman Tactical, LLC was started by owner Matthew Payne who has been a police officer for 14 years. Matthew Payne is currently a Sergeant with a large Midwest Police Department and serves on the Tactical Response Team. During Matthew Payne’s tenure on the tactical team he served as the team’s pointman and found himself making critical decisions regarding entry tactics during tactical operations. One of the tools he used to help make these decisions was the tactical mirror that he developed (now called the “safelook hook”). After trial and error, a patent pending design was field tested and approved by his tactical team. This tool has helped make tactical entries safer by giving the team the ability to look before they enter. The ease of use of his product has made it a necessary part of his tactical team’s equipment.

Matthew Payne stated ” Even with all of the pole cameras, robot cameras, and eye ball cameras my team has available, we still use the safelook hook on every entry. It is so easy to use and stores away quickly unlike the above mentioned cameras. It works amazing on attics, or any place you use it. The light is extremely bright and the convex mirror gives you a wide field of view. This tool is a must have for anybody who conducts building searches”

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